Corki - The Daring Bombadier


The devices created by Heimerdinger and his colleagues have changed things for the yordles that came with them to Pilltover. They have embraced science as a way of life. Corki, for one, can't imagine what he would do if he couldn't fly. As an ace pilot and part of the Bantam City Expeditionary Force (BCEF), Corki and his squadron - the Screaming Yipsnakes - soar over Valoran, exploring places unknown. From time to time, they are called upon to fight against those things that threaten the safety of the City of Progress. Of any of the Screaming Yipsnakes, it is Corki that is most renowned for bravery and remaining cool under fire. Perhaps this is why he chose to follow Heimerdinger to the League of Legends - to test his daring even further against the best the world has to offer.

Corki brings his talents as a fighter pilot to bear on the Fields of Justice. Up high, he sees much further than most of his foes. His advanced weaponry allows him to lock onto a target, viciously hounding it while also painting it for the rest of his team. The automatic guns of Corki’s gyrocopter can fire at nearby enemies nearly continuously, filling the air with whizzing leaden bullets. However, his bombing runs are what give him his appellation. He is capable of cluster bombing an area, unleashing a furious firestorm, as well as piloting his dreaded bombing runs, where all within his path must face his wrath.

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