Evelynn - The Widowmaker


Some suggest that Evelynn's savagery in combat was so great that she has magically morphed into the hungering beast when she is in combat. Evelynn simply smiles when hearing these stories, baring her razor-sharp fangs and teeth. Whether or not she herself knows her origins is unclear, but her recent admission into the Institute of War as a champion has certainly gained the attention of summoners more focused on the here and now.
Evelynn's dark blue skin and her heat-sensitive eyes are ideal for her role as an assassin. She is able to approach an enemy undetected and catch them by surprise. Unless an enemy is quite resilient, that will often spell the end for her opponent. She has a chance to initially stun her unsuspecting opponent, and then further harming a foe so long as she remains behind her prey. Should she actually finish off her hapless victim, she becomes filled with bloodlust and even can replenish her own health.
While Evelynn may have been given her title of "The Widowmaker" through legend, she earns it time and time again in the Fields of Justice.

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