Fiddlesticks - The Harbinger of Doom


There are many rumors of Fiddlesticks' origins. Some say that he is the avenging guardian of the witches of the Howling Marsh. Others believe that he is some sort of abomination gone wrong; a product of the mad scientists of Zaun. Barroom stories say that he is the creation of Noxus, a thing of evil which not even they could contain. There are even those that whisper that he comes from the forbidden Shadow Isles, but such learned men often keep to themselves. Whatever the truth, Fiddlesticks has come to the League of Legends, a malefic champion whose mere presence is a warning - something wicked this way comes.

A living scarecrow, Fiddlesticks is a magical creature born of fear. His simple presence is enough to cause panic in his enemies - when gripped so, they can scarcely land a blow. Drawing on the dark magic that animates him, Fiddlesticks can suck the life out of those who oppose him, adding to his own. When he fixes his sickly green gaze upon foes, he can cause terror so profound that they flee screaming. Proving that he is what he appears to be, Fiddlesticks can mystically unleash a flock of bloodthirsty crows which fly out onto the field of battle to pluck out the eyes of any who stand before them. As if all this weren't enough, he can both harm and silence his enemies when calling upon a cruel, autumn wind.

Fanart found on the LoL Forums

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