Sivir - The Battle Mistress


The beautiful and deadly mercenary known as Sivir has earned many titles throughout her illustrious career, but the one she held until recently was Battle Mistress of Noxus. Now, however, she is known as The Battle Mistress after breaking her contract with the Noxian High Command. Sivir dared to object to the Noxian war against the peaceful island state of Ionia; her predictions of a bloody stalemate came true when the Ionians held off the relentless assaults of the Noxians. Claiming that the Noxian High Command had lost its direction, she left Noxus and made her services available to the Institute of War. The Noxian High Command has sent a number of contracted assassins to deal with its rogue mercenary, but none have delivered her or survived.

Here is Sivir's Champion Spotlight where Riot Employee Phreak demonstrates his capabilities.

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