Teemo - The Swift Scout


As far as yordles are concerned, there is something slightly wrong with Teemo. While he enjoys - and in fact needs - the level of community and companionship inherent to all yordles, Teemo feels it so strongly that he ventures out on his own to destroy the enemies of Bandle City. There is something that switches off in Teemo, so that the lives he ends do not burden him. It seemed only logical to send him to fight in the League of Legends as the champion of Bandle City. He has taken to the League like a duck to water, seeking out the foes of the yordles and extinguishing them with the rare ajunta poison he personally gathers from the jungles of Kumungu. However, the limited company of his own kind wears on Teemo, and cracks are beginning to show in his innocent and chipper facade.
Teemo is a small champion that moves fast and strikes true. As a scout, he blazes trails to his enemies that make it easier for his allies to follow. He can, despite his small size, move at blinding speed, using the terrain to his advantage. His mastery of ajunta poison also gives him a distinctly potent weapon. Prepared one way, his wicked little darts cause blindness in his foes; prepared another, they cause a slow, lingering death. Teemo also prepares traps for those tracking him, which unleashes a poison that slows and harms enemies.

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