Zilean - The Chronokeeper

In the wastelands of Urtistan, there was once a great city-state. It perished long ago in a terrible Rune War, like most of the lands below the Great Barrier. However, one man survived. He was a man obsessed with time, a sorcerer who dwelled in the giant Clock Tower of Urtistan named Zilean. As the Rune War devastated his homeland, he experimented with powerful temporal magic that he hoped would bring peace. Instead of perishing with the rest of his kind, Zilean survived and was afflicted with chrono-displasia. This mystical disease made him immortal, but also made him detached in time. His consciousness now drifts through time, from any point he has already lived to the present. Zilean's greatest curse is that he sometimes experiences Urtistan as it once was and the rest of the time resides in its lonely ruins. The Chronokeeper has joined the League of Legends hoping to either find a cure for himself or a way to bring his people back from the past.

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